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Bộ đàm số Motorola MT3150

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho mtp300

The MTP3150 is optimised for excellent audio performance and durability for use in all types of noisy and demanding situations where user safety is paramount. This entry level radio for TETRA users provides easy migration from analogue to digital radio. It makes the transition to TETRA easy. For experienced TETRA users this radio is still a powerful unit packed with great features coupled with the addition of a full keypad and GPS. The MTP3150 TETRA portable radio delivers the high performance and dependability required for enhanced workforce productivity and assured user safety. Leveraging the best features of a two-way public safety radio, the MTP3150 has been engineered to ensure loud and clear communications even in high noise work environments.

Built to Last / Safer
MTP3150 has been made to the highest quality levels and exceeds all 11 categories in the MIL-810 standard. Further, like all Motorola TETRA radios, MTP3150 has been designed to pass an Accelerated Life Test simulating over 5 years use; these tests ensure it will stand up to the toughest conditions and provide durability that helps to drive down lifecycle support costs.

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